Our ethos here at Timbuktu is to combine functionality and performance with an understated effortless style. Bridging that gap between outdoor and urban environments.  

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We remain committed to delivering high quality products whilst keeping our people and environment in mind. Focusing on a better way of manufacturing, both with the fabrics we use and the manufacturers we choose to work with, everyone involved must share the same respect of people and environment.

Sustainability can come in many forms, whether it’s with the use of recycled and/or renewable materials, recycled and/or renewable energy, or simply by manufacturing products that last.

Here at Timbuktu we keep all angles to sustainability in mind, keeping the core foundation as products that are built for purpose and that will be with you the longest. Some of the best items are the ones you have had for so long you become emotionally attached.  

If you want to know more about Timbuktu’s sustainability please click here.