Born and raised in the North of England from the needs of a hybrid outdoor / urban lifestyle.

Timbuktu combines an effortless style with technical performance, creating true functional fashion.


It all started in 2015, based out of an old Victorian Mill with a range of outerwear that provided a link between the outdoors and urban life. Jackets that kept you dry and warm in the harshest of conditions yet also gave a casual, understated style. At the time, a new idea that very few brands had thought about.

Since these early days, supported by our loyal customers and suppliers, driven by a small dedicated team, the brand and its products continue to slowly grow and develop further. From our roots in the North of England, we stay true to our original ethos of combining functionality and performance with an understated effortless style. We will remain committed to delivering high quality products whilst keeping our people and environment in mind. 

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An expression used by many to emphasise an extremely distant, inaccessible and isolated location. Timbuktu literally means “the middle of nowhere”, a location that has intrigued mankind for centuries, whether it’s to discover something new or simply escape the everyday.

This is where our slogan, From Here To™, was born. With the idea that, to many, Timbuktu is a fictional location, it allows each individual to imagine their own ‘Timbuktu’ and therefore imagine their own adventure. From Here To™ the mountain, From Here To™ the city, From Here To™… you decide! We provide products for whatever the environment, whatever the adventure: we’ve got you covered.  


Since the very first day we have applied a pioneering approach with a personal ethos to developing better and more sustainable products. Taking inspiration from the classic understated styles and adding our own principles.

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