Training: How to get fit Outdoors

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean heading straight to the gym and staying there for hours - you can also get healthier by exercising outdoors.

Sometimes called green exercise, why not avoid the queues and membership fees of gyms while connecting with mother nature at the same time? Here, Timbuktu has picked the best outdoor activities that will boost your fitness and love of the outdoors.

Helpfully, we’ve also recommended the Timbuktu clothing that’s perfect to wear for each activity!

Read on to find out the best outdoor activities to get your fitness flying to new levels…

Hiking & Walking

One of the easiest ways to boost your fitness is to get out and go for a walk or head into the hills for a hike.

Walking can benefit the health of your heart, lungs and circulation, all while helping you maintain a healthy weight. Walking is a low-impact exercise, so it'll go easy on your joints and muscles if you don’t want to push it too hard before stepping up into a brisk pace.

Hiking, like walking, is a fantastic aerobic workout that’s also good for your mental health thanks to its connection to nature. You can get fit, capture nature and the beautiful landscapes around you all at the same time. Hiking can lead to backpacking and camping, so you could discover a new hobby.

To enjoy the sense of freedom and freshness, you’ll need hiking boots or shoes and performance clothing.

Trail Running

If walking and hiking are a little idle, trail running may be the more intensive outdoor exercise you’ve been looking for.

Why pound the pavement or treadmill when you can run through nature? Running on pavement is a high-impact exercise and improves your cardiovascular system but trail running is less intensive on joints as you are on a softer surface.

If you run rather than walk, you don’t need to exercise for as long - half the time in fact. Like hiking, trail running gets you out into nature and to experience various terrains, you can improve your physical performance and mental wellbeing. Trail running is easier on your joints and muscles - avoiding injury - but you need to be aware of rocks, ruts and roots.

Running shoes or trail running shoes are what you need to enjoy this woodland running routine.

Cycling & Mountain Biking

Cycling is a fantastic way to enjoy scenery and broaden your horizons while building your fitness, but traffic lights and city surroundings can be frustrating.

Escaping urban surroundings and into a park is one thing but cycling through woodland on a trail will get your heart pumping and boost your mental wellbeing. Cycling is a low-intensity exercise with big benefits for your body, including weight loss and cardio.

Though the terrain on a woodland trail is rougher than roads, a mountain bike, with its wider and sturdier wheels, is more than capable of handling bumps and roots along the way. By avoiding traffic, lights and consistent starting and stopping, you can connect with nature at the same time.

A bike, helmet and some light clothing are what you need to enjoy this exercise as you travel through nature.

Climbing & Scrambling

Climbing has become a trendy exercise for those who find traditional cardio activities a little ordinary and this activity gets you up close to nature.

Climbing comes in many different forms, from walls and cliffs to scrambling up inclines and rocks. You’ll find it hard to beat the scenery you encounter on a cliff or rock climb. Instead of working out and then wondering what to do with the rest of your day, climbing can bring the complete exercising experience.

You can learn to climb outdoors at a class before heading out on your own, but scrambling is a good halfway point, too. It falls between hiking and climbing, scaling small parts of a mountain or hill and uses your hands, legs and core. It’s a softer version of climbing that covers many outdoor bases.

To enjoy this all-round activity, you’ll need hiking boots or shoes, lightweight clothing and waterproofs. For climbing, and tougher scrambling routes, ropes, harnesses and helmets are all needed.

Outdoor sports you can bring indoors

Some of the best outdoor pursuits can be done indoors, especially in their off-seasons or if the weather is preventing you from getting outside.

Climbing, skiing and surfing are just some of the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed under a roof. Climbing walls are often found at a gym or indoor centre while skiing slopes are excellent to both introduce yourself to the sport and hone your skill and tricks.

Active Wear by Timbuktu

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