Lifestyle: Lockdown Life with Tom Kahler & Georgina Wake

We’ve all had to adapt to a new life over the last few months but it’s also given us the greatest gift of all - time.

Time to learn. Time to get back to nature. Time to recharge and realise what’s important.

We checked in with Timbuktu ambassador Tom Kahler, and his partner Georgina Wake, to find out how they’ve spent their lockdown together. Books, Netflix binges, music, what new hobbies they’ve taken up and projects to fill the time.

Read on to find out how they’ve been spending their lockdown life and what they plan to do once it’s over...

What's keeping you motivated at the moment and did you have a source from where that motivation comes from?

Georgina: Being able to get out in the outdoors and enjoy nature has been my biggest motivation. Going on a walk is a great way to clear your head and get yourself back into a positive mindset. It's been so refreshing taking life a little slower and appreciating the smaller things in life that you would usually take for granted.

Tom: For lockdown, my motivation has come from being able to better myself ready for when we return to normal. I've been looking into ways of how I can improve my photography, thinking of work proposals I can pitch to brands and acquiring skills to help grow my business.

What does your current daily routine look like, or do you keep each day different?

Tom & Georgina: During the lockdown, we've taken things a little slower, and our routine doesn't tend to change vastly day-to-day. We try to start the day with a 5k run or a home workout, make breakfast, enjoy the lovely weather while it's around then head into the office to do some work.

With all this new time on your hands, what have you been up to?

Georgina: In my spare time, I'm always on Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration with fitness videos, Interior designs, hunting for new food recipes and looking into ways of wearing new outfits with the clothes I have. I recently got some new clothing from Timbuktu, which I love and have enjoyed styling my T-shirts with some jeans, a jacket and some chunky trainers or with a flowy skirt and some cute sandals.

I've also been trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I started getting into running and achieved my first 9k run without stopping, which is a significant milestone for me. Getting out on the bike for the first time in over a year was also great fun! I forgot how far you could go on two wheels!

We are fortunate that we have the Peak District on our doorstep, surrounded by beautiful views, endless amounts of walking and biking trails to explore, and we have some of the most beautiful reservoirs to enjoy.

Tom: I've spent some time updating my website early on in lockdown, which has been one of those jobs that kept getting pushed to the back of the pile. There's always a load of boring admin style jobs that never seem to get done, and it's nice to now be on top of those things.

I have always liked the idea of running a YouTube channel, and I used the first few weeks of lockdown to focus on making some editing tutorials and shooting some creative portraits at home in the built garage photo studio. These YouTube videos and tutorial-style content was received greatly amongst friends and followers.

Unfortunately, each video was so time-consuming and began to stress me out, so I decided to slow down with the youtube content.

Any new projects started or old projects you've managed to finish? New-found hobbies and passions?

Georgina: During the lockdown, it has been a big learning curve for me. I recently went self-employed and embarked on a new adventure after over ten years of being in employment. I have learnt a range of new skills, by learning how to manage my own time, getting to grips how to use InDesign and Photoshop and acquiring new skills and knowledge in social media management.

I've had some ups and downs on the way, but that's the best way to learn.

Tom: Georgina and I have been building a campervan over the last year and finding the time to finish things off has proven difficult, utilizing the extra time to work on the van with the family has been an enormous help. It's now nearly finished, and we are just adding those final furnishings.

We always knew from the very beginning we wanted our campervan to be different from the standard conversions and wanted something that felt stylish but also homely. If you would like to follow our building progress and the adventures we will embark, check out our van page on Instagram: @wolfthevan.

Exercise has often been lower down my priority list. I should have it at the top, but it is easier said than done when you're working flat-out and stressed. It has been nice to prioritise working out and running, and I have found it a lot more enjoyable.

Have you found anything about lockdown that stands out as being particularly tough?

Georgina: For me, the most challenging part is not being able to see my friends and family. They are so close, yet so far away! Even though we are now able to see family and friends at a safe distance, we've decided to continue socially distance ourselves as much as possible.

I've also found it a little tough not being able to go out at the weekend for some delicious food at our local cafes. We usually like to go to Tamper coffee or Craft and Dough, where they serve the best breakfasts and coffee!

Tom: The toughest part for me is having more of a set routine and not being able to travel and explore new places. Because I'm a photographer, my schedule is usually hectic, travelling to new places and shooting campaigns for clients and going on adventures with my friends.

I'm not the kind of person who can relax easily, and I always feel like I need to achieve something great, and this has been a little difficult in lockdown.

With that, have you then found anything about lockdown that you consider to be particularly enjoyable?

Georgina: Taking life a little slower, spending quality time with Tom and his family, exercising, enjoying the weather and trying out new recipes!

Tom: Exercising, making YouTube videos, listening to music, getting creative at home and spending quality time with my family, not to mention feeling less stressed and guilty for not working all the time.

Being forced to stay closer to home, have you discovered anything new about the place you live? Perhaps a new location or spot?

Tom: Usually, when we head out for walks, we always tend to drive as far away from home as we can. But because of lockdown, we've had to explore close to home where we have discovered new trails we never knew existed!

It's made me appreciate the Peak District more, and how fortunate I am that I can hop on my bike or throw on my running shoes and be blessed with stunning views so close to home.

Georgina: It's been great fun, exploring new places close to home. We moved house a few years back, and before lockdown, we never explored our new surroundings!

Getting to know the area has been great fun, we've found some lovely walks which have beautiful views looking over Sheffield and going on street walks and appreciating all the cute houses.

Now that lockdown has relaxed a little, have you adventured anywhere further afield? Had any “days out”?

Tom: We recently went to Flamborough for the day, which was nice and refreshing. I had to shoot a campaign for a phone brand, and it was also a great way to test out the campervan for the day.

Whenever I go on an adventure, I like to be prepared in making sure I have the correct clothing. I always make sure I have a good waterproof, my small down jacket and my Timbuktu hoodie or sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was perfect for keeping me warm and cosy against the ocean breeze while in Flamborough.

What are you reading? Anything you would recommend?

Georgina: I'm usually a bookworm, but unfortunately I haven't read any books in a while. I usually love books about history, self-improvement, thrillers and biographies.

Tom: I'm not into reading books, and I've only ever read one book which was 'Into the Wild.' I like to collect visual magazines, which are more based on photography, at the moment currently looking through NL1 North Letters, which has a collection of short adventure stories by different people.

What have you been watching? Is there anything you would recommend?

Georgina: We've been going through Netflix series like you wouldn't believe! Once we start watching a series, we can't stop. These are just a few series that we've watched while being in lockdown:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Kingdom
  • Salvation
  • Virgin Rivers and we've recently just started watching Suits and already on season three!

What music have you been listening to?

Tom: I'm really into my music and have plenty of playlists that I often listen to on Spotify. I've recently been listening to Arctic Monkeys, Dope Lemon, Daniel Norgan, Ben Howard and many more.

I also really enjoy listening to podcasts about other creators and how they've become successful. I usually listen to The Yellow Podcast and The Dark Room Podcast, which I highly recommend listening to.

What adventures do you have planned for when we can finally travel again?

Tom: We haven't planned any adventures yet, but we've talked about where we would like to go once we can travel again. We would love to go on a road trip around Norway or even explore Scotland.

Georgina: I would love to go back to Iceland and explore the highlands. It looks incredible in the summer. I would also like to go on a relaxing holiday for a few days! Whenever you are away with a photographer, there's no time to relax!

There's always a sunrise or sunset that needs chasing.

What have you been up to for your Lockdown Life? Let us know and where you plan to go on your first adventure on our Facebook page.

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