From Here To: The UK's Best Hidden Beaches

Want to get out and chill by the sea? If you live in a city, it’s easy to get lost in a concrete jungle and want a quiet space to recharge.

But, it’s important to remember that no matter which urban environment you call home, there are hidden beaches and pockets of beauty you can escape to. Now more than ever we need to take in the sunlight, get fresh air and unwind - meditating in nature for our wellbeing.

At Timbuktu, we’re encouraging everyone to find their hidden beach, maybe seeing your favourite coastline in a new light and, for World Oceans Day, look after it.

For some inspiration, we’ve picked out some of the best hidden beaches close to cities across the UK - now discover yours and learn what you can do to protect it…

Botany Bay, Kent

This stunning stretch of sand and chalk stack cliffs makes for an easy weekend escape with a group of your closest friends or family. Located a few miles to the east of Margate, Botany Bay isn’t too far from London, making it the perfect spot to chill out and break free of the hustle and bustle of the city when the sun is shining. At low tide, you can scramble round to a hidden secret beach on the right.

Nearest Cities: London

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Broad Sands Beach, Devon

This stunning double cove on North Devon’s wild north coast is one of the area’s best swimming spots. Broad Sands is a hidden gem that’s nestled in wooded cliffs, rewarding visitors following the walk and 200 steps down to the beach. The bay also has secret caves to explore with the beaches on this ‘wild’ beach, meaning no lifeguards. If you are feeling adventurous and wanted stunning turquoise waters, this is the beach for you.

Nearest Cities: Exeter, Bristol

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Flamborough Beach, Yorkshire

This small, picturesque beach is nestled in a natural cove and is also called North Landing. Flanked by stunning chalk cliffs, the beach is made up of a mix of soft sand and pebbles and is an amazing spot to relax and listen to the many birds that can be found here. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or family, this is a stunning location to unwind and recharge your batteries surrounded by nature.

Nearest Cities: Hull, York

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Mewslade Bay, Rhossili

This is a little-known low tide sandy cove on Fall Bay is completely submerged at high tide. Popular with surfers, and one of the prettiest bays on the Gower Peninsula, Mewslade Bay feels like a private escape, somewhere you can recharge, thanks to the cliffs surrounding it where you can chill out listening to the waves crash against the rocks. Ideal for a small group visit, many of the cliffs are popular climbing locations.

Nearest Cities: Swansea

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Embleton Bay, Northumberland

Northumberland is home to many incredible beaches, but Embleton Bay could be the north east’s most spectacular with the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle standing above it. Despite its gorgeous location and dramatic backdrop, Embleton Bay is often deserted making it the perfect place to unwind on your own or hang out with friends and family. This broad beach is ideal for exploring this gorgeous region.

Nearest Cities: Newcastle, Sunderland

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Seacliff Beach, North Berwick

Just a short distance from central Edinburgh, this beautiful beach is hidden under a wooded hillside with some of the finest views around. A stunning location to unwind, either with friends, family or solo, Seacliff features ruins, a small harbour and sandstone cliffs to accompany this gorgeous beach. With this incredible location offering views out to sea and opportunities for exploring, you would never guess you are a short distance from the Scottish capital.

Nearest Cities: Edinburgh

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Ynys Llanddwyn, Anglesey

This small tidal island has its own small beach and overlooks Newborough Beach. several small, secluded coves are dotted around Ynys Llanddwyn, meaning you pick and choose which one you unwind on and claim as your private quiet area. With dramatic views of Snowdonia, this beach is one Wales’ best, offering plenty to see, including an old lighthouse, pilgrimage to the Welsh version of St Valentine and church ruins.

Nearest Cities: Chester, Wrexham

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Thurstaston Beach, Wirral

The north-west of England features stunning coastline, often known for its golf courses, but if you want stunning views across to Wales, incredible cliffs and somewhere to lose yourself and unwind, this is the place. Thurstaston Beach sits beneath a country park and is accessed by steps that can be enjoyed with friends and family. Overlooking a nature reserve, this beach is ideal for relaxing while listening to nature.

Nearest Cities: Liverpool, Warrington, Manchester

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Irvine Beach, Ayrshire

Ayrshire is known for its incredible beaches, and, like the eastern coast of Scotland, associated with golf. But if you’re looking for a vast beach of golden sands backed by dunes with stunning views of Arran and Ailsa Craig, this is the place for you to relax. At this beautiful location, you can chill out with family or friends with mountains as your backdrop across Irvine Bay - it's an ideal beach escape from the city.

Nearest Cities: Glasgow

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Winterton Beach, Norfolk

Situated on the picturesque Norfolk coast, this tranquil stretch of golden sand is one of the county’s best-kept secrets. Winterton Beach is backed by sand dunes, a nature reserve, making it a haven for wildlife and ideal for relaxing away from the city. There are miles and miles of beach to enjoy and choose from with your closest friends or family. With such a vast beach, it’s easy to lose yourself and unwind with views across the sea.

Nearest Cities: Norwich, Great Yarmouth

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Protect Our Blue Planet

World Oceans Day is every June 8 and sets out to celebrate and protect our oceans, the lifeblood to billions and what connects us all.

This all starts with conservation. Whether you’ve watched Sir David Attenborough or Simon Reeve, our oceans are facing disaster through the climate emergency, pollution, overfishing, chemical impacts from human activity on land, and much more.

It all leaves our marine ecosystems on the point of collapse, from species to habitats. So, what can you do?

One way to get involved is to sign this petition as part of World Oceans Day 2020, calling for the protection of 30% of our blue planet by 2030. Sign the petition to tell world leaders that you want action:

Sign the petition here.

You can also get involved by joining the annual Great British Beach Clean by the Marine Conservation Society, scheduled for September. The public is encouraged to create or join beach cleaning events. You don’t have to wait until then, of course!

Find out more about the Marine Conservation Society, your earnest beach cleaning event and how to create your own here.

Finally, just being mindful is an easy way of protecting our seas and oceans, especially with litter. Keep this simple mantra in mind: take it home to protect our home.

Timbuktu’s Sustainability

Timbuktu is dedicated to sustainability, fully committing ourselves to crafting products that cause as little impact on the environment as possible. This includes our manufacturing process and packaging.

The outdoor natural world is at the heart of Timbuktu, it’s something we love and care about. We want to make sure that this world is still around for generations to come and in order to do this, it becomes our duty, our mission, to hold the environment in the utmost importance.

Learn more about Timbuktu’s sustainability.

Where will you find your own hidden beach? Let us know where you have discovered on our Facebook page.

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