From Here To: The Peak District

The Peak District is a stunning region that’s full of adventure and amazing landscapes - which is why we shoot there.

To launch our newest collection, we went on location in the Peak District and we got some serious wanderlust. So, we’ve picked out some of our favourite locations that you need to visit for amazing memories and an escape to nature.

The Peak District is an incredibly diverse area of natural beauty, one that features everything from steep valleys and peaks to traverse to woodland and relaxing lakes. Full of natural landmarks, the Peak District is accessible from Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

The Peak District is full of trails to explore, either as former rail lines or well-known, such as the Pennine Way. Hiking and biking are just some of the many activities you can enjoy, with the many peaks making it excellent for scrambling or even paragliding.

Read on to learn more about our favourite natural landmarks in the Peak District and the ideal gear for exploring…

Mam Tor

Called the ‘Mother Hill’, Mam Tor is one of the most-visited points in the Peak District owing to its stunning views across the many valleys in the area.

Whether you’re walking along the trail from nearby Castleton, scrambling up the face or even using the peak as a launching point for paragliding, Mam Tor is an all-activity natural landmark. Forming part of the great ridge, which includes Rushup Edge, Hollins Cross, Back Tor and Lose Hill, Mam Tor is a spectacular destination on walking routes.

Aside from its nature, history is a key part of Mam Tor, stretching back to the Bronze Age with its hill fort. At the foot, you’ll find incredible mines from the former mineral industry.

The Pennine Way

One of the main attractions in the Peak District, this National Trail reaches up to Scotland with something for everyone, from hikes to bikes.

Stretching along the Pennine Hills, on the ‘backbone of England’, this one of the toughest trails for many activities, which is why it has its own running race. With views and Instagram opportunities galore, the Pennine Way crosses all sorts of land. Bleaklow Head and Black Hill are just some of the ideal spots to scramble up for amazing views.

The Pennine Way ‘starts’ in Edale, which is easily accessible, so you can relax in the town’s pubs and bars. You can reach Edale easily from Manchester and Sheffield.

Kinder Scout

The highest point in the Peak District needs no introduction thanks to its brilliant vistas, Kinder Scout has everything you want for an adventure.

With unforgettable views, unique moorland and even a waterfall, Kinder Scout has some of the most challenging but rewarding walks in the Peaks. From streams to cross and steep rocks to scramble up, this offers a fun challenge to any outdoor fan. Thanks to the variety of natural landscape, Kinder Scout is a favourite among photographers and Instagrammers.

Located close to Edale and Hayfield, Kinder Scout is easy to reach from surrounding towns and cities where everyone can see its unique diversity and breathtaking views.

Bamford Edge

For stunning views, few places in the Peak District, or even the UK, can match Bamford Edge with its gritstone overhang.

An ideal spot for walking and climbing - even paragliding - thanks to the gritstone rock edges that is accessible to climbers of all abilities with routes of up to 13 metres. With a quick walk to the edge, the reward at the summit is in easy reach with views across the Ladybower Reservoir and Hope Valley. This makes Bamford Edge a photography hotspot.

Bamford Edge also benefits from its location close to Stanage Edge, which has its own incredible views, making for a visually stunning walking route.

Dark Peak

The Dark Peak is an incredible area of beauty that looks much wilder than the White Peak, with the Peak District having two personalities and rock groups.

If you want to see heather, bogs, granite outcrops and the more northern part of the Peaks District, Dark Peak is for you. With its more desolate appearance and moorland, this part of the Peaks is quiet with awe-inspiring beauty. For awesome views and photography opportunities, Win Hill is the place to go for the perfect vantage point.

Win Hill is a short distance from Hope, so day visits are easy from locations such as Sheffield. You even have views across the Ladybower Reservoir and River Derwent.

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